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Course fees : INR 2

Understanding Dyslexia



R’eussir welcomes you to experience learning on Understand Dyslexia


 This course is designed by subject matter experts. They are specifically designed for the participant to understand the concept clearly. 

  • The first module focuses on understanding the concept and intervention stratergies.
  • The second module focuses on the teaching methodologies and stratergies.

You would be able to download a certificate after 24 hours of the course completion.

Why us?

Your videos will receive a personalised feedback through email.

Your queries on the case studies after the course completion,that you would be working  (specific to the course opted by you) would be consolidated and replied through webiner conducted every alternative month for a period of 1 year. 


This course is open to teachers,special educators, parents and graduates (psychology and MSW)


Note :Please feel free to contact for support


or 9740023201





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